Extended Keyboard II

No preliminary steps are required before you begin this procedure.

Note: If you are exchanging an Apple Extended Keyboard II, do not remove the keyboard mechanism; return the entire keyboard to Apple (without the cable).

Note: To remove and replace keyswitches, refer to "Keyswitch Replacement" in Additional Procedures.

Bottom Case

Bottom Case

Extended Keyboard II - 1 4

Caution: Review the ESD precautions in Bulletins/ Safety.

1 Disconnect the keyboard from the computer and disconnect the ADB cable and mouse from the keyboard.

2 Remove the screw from the bottom case.

3 Pull the rear edge of the top case up and away from the bottom case until the top case snaps loose.

Keyboard Assembly

ADB Connector

Keyboard Assembly

ADB Connector

Apple Adb Connector
Bottom Case

4 Pivot the rear of the top case toward the front of the keyboard and detach the top case from the bottom case.

5 Lift the two ADB connectors from their slots.

6 Press back the two plastic latches and lift the keyboard assembly until it clears the latches.

Foot Return Spring

Foot Return Spring

Keyboard Assembly Clp
Side Clip

7 Pull the keyboard assembly toward the back of the bottom case to separate it from the front foot.

Replacement Note: Be sure the five tabs on the front edge of the keyboard assembly are in the holders in the bottom case.

8 Slide the foot return spring out from the side clips.

Extended Keyboard II - 1 7

Spread the plastic clips and pull the height adjustment lever up and out.

Extended Keyboard II - 1 8

1 0 Spread the rear foot plastic clips and lift out the rear foot.

Replacement Note: The rear foot should be between the two side clips with the two guides a third of the way in from each side.

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