Preliminary Steps

Ibook Inverter Board

Place the display face down on an ESD mat Remove the foot assembly and hinge cover Disconnect the cable connector from the main board to the inverter board Disconnect the cable connector from the main board to the display panel Disconnect the cable connector from the ADC cable to the display panel Remove the chassis from the display panel Disconnect the backlight bulb wire connectors top and bottom from the inverter board


Disconnect the two bottom bulb wire connectors from the inverter board and peel back the tape to release the wires. 3. Put on cotton gloves, then carefully slide the bulb tray out of the panel. Important The bulbs are very fragile. Handle with care. Note The bulbs are interchangeable top and bottom

Apple Cinema Display Repair

Apple Cinema Display Inside

Disconnect the backlight bulb wire connectors from the inverter board. 2. Remove the three screws from the inverter shield. 3. The inverter shield has small catches inside that secure the inverter board. Pull back slightly on the sides of the shield to release the board. Replacement Note Make sure that the board is secured by the four catches on the shield.

Cinema Backlight

Remove the two screws on the inverter board bracket and remove the bracket. 2. Use the nylon probe tool to carefully spread the securing clip and remove the power brightness switch cable. Replacement Note Install the inverter board bracket with the arrow up. Important The backlight bulbs must be returned with the display panel.

How to Use the Symptom Charts

Apple Cinema Adc

The Symptom Charts included in this chapter will help you diagnose specific symptoms related to the product. Because cures are listed on the charts in the order of most likely solution, try the cures in the order presented. Verify whether or not the product continues to exhibit the symptom. If the symptom persists, try the next cure. Note If you have replaced a module, reinstall the original module before you proceed to the next cure. Note Referring to the Block Diagram in this manual may be...

Take Apart

Apple Cinema Display 22 LCD ADC The following tools are recommended for the take apart procedures. jeweler's 1 Phillips screwdriver white cotton gloves 922-1592 nylon probe tool 922-5065 Important The display plastics, inside and out, retain fingerprints and can scratch easily. Be very careful with tools, lay the display and plastic parts only on a clean soft surface, and wear clean white cotton gloves when handling and servicing the display.