Ink Tank Replacement

No preliminary steps are required before you begin this procedure. Caution Do not get the printer's ink on your hands or clothes. Although the ink is water soluble, it contains dyes that will stain. Note This procedure covers ink tank replacement for the four-color ink cartridge. The cartridge contains two separate ink tanks, one for black ink and one for cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. When you run out of ink, you replace only the empty tank, instead of replacing the entire cartridge. 2 Open...

Test Page

Turn on the printer and hold down the online key for at least 6 seconds or until the test page prints. The test page shows the ROM revision and a test pattern. Use the test pattern to determine if the ink jets are functioning properly. If lines appear broken, proceed to the Printing topic in the Troubleshooting chapter. Note There are two test pages, one for the black-ink only cartridge and one for the four-color ink cartridge.