Fiber Track Cleaning

Small fibers can attach themselves to ink residue on the carriage unit or ink cartridge and drag through the wet ink on the page, causing fine streaks of ink or print smear. These streaks are called "fiber tracks."

To clean ink and debris from around the ink cartridge nozzle plate and the carriage unit, perform the following steps.

1 Remove the ink cartridges. Refer to "Replacing Ink Cartridges" later in this chapter.

Caution: Do not leave the ink cartridges uncapped for more than 8 minutes, or the nozzles may clog.

Nozzle Plate

2 Inspect the print head of each ink cartridge for ink and debris buildup.

3 If there is noticeable ink buildup or even a single fiber, clean each nozzle with a moistened foam rubber swab.

Note: Do not wipe across or toward the nozzle plate.

Note: Use distilled water and a clean foam rubber swab (or a clean, lint-free cloth) to clean the print head nozzles.

4 I nspect the underside of the ink cartridge cradle for build-up.

5 If there is noticeable build-up of ink or a single fiber, wipe the two black hook-shaped arms with a clean, moistened foam rubber swab.

6 Reinstall the ink cartridges and plug the power cord back into the printer.

7 Print a self-test page to verify that the problem has been eliminated.

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