Replacing Ink Cartridges

Caution: Each ink cartridge contains a print head that sprays the ink onto the paper. Treat the print head gently so you don't damage its tiny nozzles.

Caution: The carrier holds the ink cartridges and moves them back and forth when you are printing a document. Don't slide the carrier by hand or you will damage the printer.

1 Turn on the printer, and open the access door. The carriage moves to the center of the printer.

With the carriage in the center position, unplug the power cord at the printer and remove the ink cartridges.

Note: See Basics/ Identifying Ink Cartridges, for information on ordering and part number identification.

Color ink cartridge

Color ink cartridge

Grasp each cartridge by its sides and carefully remove the tape from the cartridge's print head. Make sure you remove the tape from both cartridges.

Note: You may safely touch the colorful caps or the black plastic, but be careful not to touch any other part.

Color ink cartridge

Black ink cartridge

Color ink cartridge

Black ink cartridge

4 Slide the ink cartridges down into the carrier, and close the blue latch over each cartridge. Press firmly to snap each latch into place.

For the printer to work, you must install both ink cartridges.

Note: The ink cartridges should be difficult to remove. If a cartridge feels loose, it is not seated properly.

Plug in the power cord and close the printer cover. You should hear the carrier move to the right.

Note: If the resume light blinks after you close the cover, the ink cartridges are not installed properly. Turn the printer off and reseat the ink cartridges.

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