Types of Cleaning Routines

While holding the power button down, choose one of the following cleaning routines:

  • Standard cleaning: Press the resume button 7 times
  • Deep cleaning: Press the resume button 8 times
  • Priming: Press the resume button 9 times

Cleaning Procedure

Caution: Do not get the printer's ink on your hands or clothes. Although the ink is water soluble, it contains dyes that will stain.

Note: Cleaning the print head sprays quantities of ink. Do this procedure sparingly if you wish to conserve ink.

Resume Power

Follow these steps to clean the print head.

1 With the printer on, press and hold the Power button.

2 Press the Resume button 7 times for standard cleaning; 8 times for deep cleaning; or 9 times for priming.

3 Release the Power button.

The printer cleans the print head and prints a test page i n the process.


Apple Color StyleWriter 6500

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Timus New Roi .in Arial

Bleed Test

Figure: Cleaning Page

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