Verifying Default Settings

Verify the logic board was reset to the "customer mode". Look at the NVM table at the bottom of the Extended Diagnostic Page (shown on the preceding page). The first two NVM addresses (upper left of the table) should display a "00 00". Also, on the first row, the last thirteen pairs of numbers should read 43 6f 6c 6f 72 53 74 79 6c 65 57 72 69. If they read "ff", then the incorrect version of the Default Settings program is being used. The correct version can be identified by the modification date on the file. The correct file has a date of May 4, 1998.

Note: After replacing the logic board, carriage, or mechanical assembly you must also use the Color SW 6500 X-Y Calibration utility to set factory default carriage values in printer memory. Refer to the "X-Y Calibration" procedure that follows.

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