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Flashcrest Ispy Keylogger

What does iSpy record? Keystrokes, Captures Usernames and Passwords, Chats, E-Mail from Windows, MySpace, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Aol, and stores them in an easy-to-read database. Screenshots. iSpy takes a picture of what's happening on your screen and saves it for you to see! All images contained detailed tags that tell you exactly when the picture was taken. Playback all recorded screenshotsjust like watching a movie! Chatting. Extract passwords and see what they're saying within a chat conversation! Also records any webcam activity that may have taken place between two parties. E-Mail. Trace e-mail and find out what's being sent from your computer! Keep a copy of every e-mail sent for your review. Backup. Use iSpy as a backup alternative of your own activities, never forget what you were doing! Never worry about losing a saved document or pictureif iSpy is running you can go back in time and recover that accidentally deleted image or document! Read more here...

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Connecting a Television

You can connect to your computer any television that has either an S-video or composite video input port and Audio In ports. The television displays a mirror image of the computer monitor display, and (if the television has speakers) plays the sounds generated by the computer. This capability is especially useful for giving presentations if you have a large-screen television. To connect a television for TV mirroring, first you turn off the computer and connect the television to it. Then you use...

Apple Service Diagnostic ASD S

Note ASD version numbers may change as diagnostics are updated. Important Unlike versions of ASD previously available for the MacBook Pro, ASD version 3S121 requires installation onto an external USB hard drive. Installing Apple Service Diagnostic on a USB hard drive 1. Connect the external USB hard drive to your Macintosh. 2. Open Disk Utility located in Applications Utilities . 3. Select the external USB hard drive. 4. Click the Partition tab to prepare the drive to be partitioned into two...

Imac Monitor Rotating Colors At Power

No Video, No Boot Chime, White LED ON Symptom 1 The computer will turn on indicated by the front LED ON , but there is NO boot chime and No Video on the display. The faint sound of the fans, hard drive, and optical drive may also be heard. 1. Follow instructions in the General Information chapter to reset the SMC. Does the computer display video after successfully resetting the SMC 2. Verify that only supported SDRAM memory has been installed and that it has been installed correctly....

A USB device not recognized by computer

Note If you are trying to use a serial device with a USB Serial adapter, check with the manufacturer of the adapter for compatibility. 1. Completely shut down, then press the power button to start the computer. 2. Verify current driver for the device is installed. 3. If a camera, turn on camera after initiating download with camera application. 5. Try different USB device on same port. 6. Eliminate chain by plugging in only one peripheral. 7. Try known-good Apple USB keyboard or mouse to verify...

IMac G Front View

Uitwerpen Imac

Your computer has a slot-load DVD-ROM CD-RW Combo drive or a SuperDrive. Both drives can read CD-ROM discs, photo CDs, standard audio discs, DVD discs, and DVD movies, and write music, documents, and other digital files to CD-R and CD-RW discs. If you have a SuperDrive, you can also burn your own iMovie creations on DVD using iDVD or write files and documents to blank DVD-R discs using the Finder. A white light indicates the computer is in sleep. When your iMac G5 is on, this light is off....

Apple Service Diagnostic ASD

Apple Service Diagnostic ASD 3S108 for MacBook Pro 17-inch Apple Service Diagnostic ASD 3S109 for MacBook Pro 17-inch Core 2 Duo Apple Service Diagnostic ASD 3S114 for MacBook Pro 17-inch 2.4GHz Apple Service Diagnostic ASD 3A121 for MacBook Pro 17-inch Early 2008 ASD version numbers may change as diagnostics are updated. Some older diagnostics are not on the 3S109 disk. Please keep a copy of the 3S108 disk. Important ASD 3S121 requires installation onto an external USB hard drive. See section...

General Information

ADC Connector and Bent Pins Always check for bent pins on the ADC connector and or the video card before replacing service parts. A damaged ADC connector on the display will ruin any video card it's plugged into and vice versa . It's important to isolate and repair damaged connectors quickly or risk damaging every display and video card. 2. Touch switches The touch switch kit 076-0891 shown below consists of a replacement main board, two touch switches, and touch switch cables. The touch...

Compatible Apple Displays

The Mac mini has a DVI-I port on the back of the computer that allows you to connect any display that uses a DVI interface. In addition, the Mac mini comes with a DVI to VGA adapter shown below , if you prefer to connect a VGA monitor to your Mac mini. If you connect a DVI monitor to the Mac mini, it can display digital resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels, depending on your monitor. If you use the included DVI to VGA adapter, the display port supports analog resolutions up to 1920 x 1080...

Error Beeps

The computer automatically performs a power-on self test when it is turned on after being fully shut down not a restart . This section describes what to do if beeps are heard during the startup. Note The computer has a memory expansion slot that accepts a 1.25-inch or shorter PC-2700S or better, SO-DIMM memory card. Refer to the Memory Replacement instructions for removal and installation. 1. One beep means that no RAM is detected. 2. If a RAM card is installed in the expansion slot, remove it...

In a no video situation the system may show an LED on the front of the computer there may be hard drive andor fan

Imac Internal Power Button

Check if the computer is sleeping. Press the space bar to wake the computer from sleep mode. 2. Did the computer wake from sleep Yes Put the computer to sleep from the Apple menu and wake the computer again to test the settings. Check Energy Saver settings to see when the computer is suppose to sleep. 3. Reset your computer's PRAM Parameter RAM . If your iMac is on, turn it off by pressing the power button for five seconds. You should hear the drives and fans go quiet. While the computer is...

Keyboard and Trackpad

No response from any key on keyboard Reset the power manager by pressing the reset button above the power button. Wait five seconds and press the power button. Note Before continuing, make sure the reset button is not caught under the plastic of the top case. Boot from the system software CD. Check keyboard connection by disconnecting and reconnecting Cursor does not move when you are using trackpad 1 Verify that no USB device is connected. 2 Reset power manager and boot from startup CD. Reset...

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