• Phillips #2 screwdriver.

Part Location

Note: The memory is located behind the user access panel shown below.


  1. Save open documents and quit all open applications.
  2. Turn the computer off by choosing Shut down from the Special menu (Mac OS 9) or by choosing Shut down from the Apple menu (OS X).
  3. Unplug all cables, except the power cord, from the computer. Warning: If the internal modem is connected to a telephone line, disconnect the telephone line from the internal modem port before you open the user access door. This prevent electric shock.
  1. Place a soft towel or ESD mat on the desk or surface.
  2. Position the computer so the screen is facing down on the cloth or ESD mat.
  3. Remove the screw on the user access panel.

7. Touch a metal surface inside the computer. Then unplug the power cord. This helps

protect the computer from damage caused by electrostatic discharge. Important: Always do this before you touch any parts, or install any components, inside the computer. to avoid generating static electricity, do not walk around the room until you have finished installing the memory and closed the computer.

8. Insert a memory module into one of the two memory slots, whichever is open.

9. Push the ejectors on the memory slot outward and down so they are in the open position. The module is designed to fit into the slot only one way. Be sure to align the notches on the module with the small notches inside the slot.

Installing Ram
  1. Push down on the memory until it snaps into place. The ejectors will automatically close.
  2. Replace the user access panel.
  3. Gently turn the computer right side up.
  4. Reconnect the cables you disconnected from the computer.
  5. Press the Power button on the side of the computer to turn it on. Note: to verify that your computer detects the additional memory, choose the Apple system Profiler from the Apple menu.
  6. Reconnect all cables and restart the computer.

Warning: Never turn on the computer unless all of its internal and external parts are in place and it is closed. Operating the computer when it is open or missing parts can damage your computer or cause injury.

' AirPort Card

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