Pickup Rollers

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Envelope weight
  • Left cover
  • Right cover
  • Bottom cover

Forward Pickup Rollers

Forward Pickup Rollers

Note: The removal procedure is identical for both the rear and forward pickup rollers. The pickup rollers are independent of the shafts and are available separately.

Because the envelope feeder draws from the bottom of a stack of envelopes instead of from the top, the pickup rollers don't operate against gravity and consequently don't look like conventional pickup rollers. They do, however, perform the same function.

1 Pull out the tray extension.

Pickup Roller

Pickup Roller Gear

Pickup Roller

Pickup Roller Gear

Rollers Pull Roller

Remove the E-ring from the end of the shaft and slide the bushing from the drive assembly plate off the end of the shaft.

3 Raise the pickup roller shaft slightly, push it about 1/4 inch inward to clear the bushing at the opposite end, and remove the shaft from the feeder.

4 Slide the gear off the shaft.

Note: If you are removing the leftmost pickup roller from a LaserWriter Pro 600/630 envelope feeder, remove the E-ring and bushing on that end (not shown here).

Note: The LaserWriter 16/600 PS envelope feeder features a one-piece pickup roller/shaft construction, so the step on the previous page concludes the pickup roller topic. If you are servicing a LaserWriter Pro 600/630 envelope feeder, proceed to the steps on the following pages.

Note: Steps 5 and 6 describe removal of a single roller. If you want to remove the middle roller, repeat these steps.

5 Caution: The dowel pin on the opposite side of the rollers drops when the roller slides away.

Using your fingernails or a small jeweler's screwdriver, release the two flex tabs, and slide the roller off the dowel.

Dowel Shaft

6 Slip the roller off the end of the shaft, and release the tabs at the shaft grooves as necessary.

Replacement Note: The smaller rollers and gear go on the forward shaft and the larger ones go on the rear.

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