Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Bottom case
  • Bottom shield
  • Keyboard and RAM shield
  • Airport Card

• Fan

  • Top case
  • Top shield
  • I/O bezel
  • Display module
  • Modem

1. With the computer on a soft cloth, note the location of the sleep light board connected to the logic board and outer frame.

Note: When reassembling the computer, make sure the sleep light board is positioned as shown and does not get caught between the top and bottom case.

2. Using a black stick, disconnect the sleep light board connector from the logic board.

3. Remove the two screws holding the vent cover to the heat spreader.

4. Turn over the computer frame and remove the two Phillips screws that secure the logic board to the heat spreader plate:

  • 5-mm long screw (near center of board)
  • 11-mm long screw (near edge of board)

5. Turn over the computer frame, and remove the remaining screw at the heat spreader plate.

6. Tilt up the heat spreader and lift it off the logic board and out of the frame.

7. Turn over the frame, and remove the following:

  • Two logic board screws
  • Two battery connector screws

Note: When reassembling the computer, make sure that the underside of the replacement logic board includes:

  • Kapton tape at battery connector
  • Thermal transfer pad covering the large chip

Note: When reassembling the computer, make sure that you transfer the following items from the original logic board to the top of the replacement logic board:

  • Memory card(s)
  • Strip of foil tape extending from the top of the Ethernet port, over the top of the modem port, and folding down the side of the modem port

8. Lifting the logic board at the back ports, tilt up the logic board to remove it from the frame.

Note: When installing the replacement logic board into the frame, make sure that it fits underneath the highlighted tab on the frame.

9. Install the replacement logic board, and reassemble and test the computer.

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