Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Bottom case
  • Keyboard and RAM shield
  • Airport Card
  • Top case
  • Top shield
  • Display module

1. With the display module lying face up on a soft cloth, use either a 5/32 hex driver or a Torx T6 screwdriver to remove the four 8-mm long screws (two on each side) from the display housing.

3. Warning: When lifting the assembly, be careful not to strain the cables.

With the bezel assembly loosened, grasp the display clutch and raise the assembly off of the display housing.

4. Place the display assembly face down on a soft cloth.

  1. Notice the U-shaped notches on the sides of the bezel.
  2. Remove the four 3-mm long Phillips screws (two on each side) from the display shield. (Carefully move aside any cables or tape that partially block access to the screws.)

7. Peel up the foil tape that holds the LCD cable to the LCD shield.

Peel up the tape if it covers the two screws at the clutch. Remove the two 11-mm long Phillips screw s.

10. Loosen the remaining tape that secures the shield to the assembly. Remove the shield.

11. On the back of the LCD panel, grasp both sides of the LCD connector, and gently rock and pull the connector to disconnect the LCD cable from the LCD panel.

12. At the other end of the LCD cable, remove the tape from the bottom edge of the LCD panel.

13. Warning: When lifting the LCD panel, be careful not to strain the inverter cable.

Carefully lift up the LCD panel, pivoting it where it is still connected to the inverter by the 2-pin inverter connector.

14. Disconnect the inverter cable from the inverter board at CN2 and remove the LCD panel.

15. Install the replacement LCD panel, and reassemble and test the computer.

With the shield installed over the replacement LCD panel, apply a rectangular piece of foil tape to overlap the shield and cables at the left side of the clutch, as shown below.

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