8. In the battery compartment, lift up the corner of the bottom case, and use a black stick or jeweler's flat-blade screwdriver to gently pry up the slot from the inner tabs on the frame.

9. Starting at the battery compartment, use a black stick to carefully pry up the bottom case from the computer.

10. Warning: To avoid damaging the sleep light and other delicate components, do not insert the black stick too far into the computer as you free the bottom case from the computer. Use just the tip of the black stick to pry up the bottom case.

11. Carefully work the black stick around the corners of the bottom case.

  1. The bottom case fits snugly. Use moderate force to remove the remaining tabs from the slots.
  2. When all tabs have been freed from the slots, lift up the bottom case.

Note: When reassembling the computer, be careful not to pinch any cables as you press the bottom case back onto the computer. Check that the bottom case shows no raised surfaces and is fully snapped into place before installing the remaining screws, sockets, and feet.

14. If you are replacing any additional parts at this time, remove the two springs from the battery compartment so they do not fall out and get lost.

Note: When reassembling the computer, make sure that the two springs in the battery connector are in place before installing the bottom case. Each spring has a plastic cap on one end. The cap should fit securely on the spring, and the curved side of the cap should be positioned against the inner frame.

15. Install the replacement bottom case, and reassemble and test the computer.

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