Logic Board EMI Shield

Before you begin, remove the following 1. Remove the thin round head Phillips screw near the power port. 2. Remove the small Phillips screw to the left of the modem area. Note On the iBook FireWire also remove the screw located near the hole for the speaker wire in the EMI shield. 3. Remove the two Phillips screws near the front edge of the logic board EMI shield near the hard drive. 4. Remove the tape on the speaker cable and deroute the cable. 5. Remove the small Phillips screw on the left...

Charger Board

Disconnect the charger board's power cable connector from the logic board. 2. Remove the Phillips screw holding the plastic trackpad support then remove the support. 3. Lift the charger board out of its compartment. Replacement Note Be sure that the shield under the charger board is in place before installing the charger board.

Memory Card RAM

Ibook Firewire Ram

RAM shield see Keyboard and AirPort Card Take Apart procedure 1. If a memory card is in the memory slot under the RAM shield, carefully spread the brackets apart on each side of the memory card until the card releases. 2. Pull the memory card up and out of the memory slot. 3. To install the new memory card, line up the notch in the card with the small tab in the memory slot. Hold the card at a 30-degree angle and then push the card into the slot until it is firmly seated. 4. Then, gently push...

Top Case

Mac Mini Manuell Eject

Close the display and turn the computer upside down. 2. Remove the two long T8 screws near the handle. 3. Remove the four shorter T8 screws in the battery compartment. 4. Press the manual disc eject button with the tip of a jeweler's screwdriver or paper clip to eject the optical drive tray. 5. Remove the small Phillips screw in the top of the drive compartment. 6. Leave the optical drive tray partly open and turn the computer right-side up and open the display. 7. Important The side...

IBook Screw Reference Sheet

The circled numbers in front of each screw description correspond to the screw location in the Exploded View diagrams. The number in parenthesis at the end of the screw's description indicates the quantity used at that location. Center clutch cover 3 Logic board EMI shield by USB port 1 Display bracket corners 4 Display mounting frame, top 4 Sleep LED board 2 Wireless antenna board 2 Inverter board 3 Center right left clutch covers 2 Top case 3 Top case inside CD tray 1 Modem EMI shield, right...

IBook Display Case Exploded View and Screw Locator

Mac Plus Expoded View

Circled numbers indicate which screw is used at that locaton and correspond to the screws on the iBook Screw Reference Sheet. Center Left i Clutch Cover amp Shield Center Right r Clutch Cover amp Shield Circled numbers indicate which screw is used at that locaton and correspond to the screws on the iBook Screw Reference Sheet. Inverter Board Right Handle Spring amp Spring Shaft Inverter Board Cable amp Sleep LED Board

DCIn Board

Imac Logic Board Diagram

Before you begin, remove the following 1. Press down gently on the logic board near the DC-in board. 2. Pull up on the left side of the DC-in board until the pins are clear of the connector. Important Be very careful not to bump or bend the pins on the board during this procedure. 3. Grasp the board and the plastic bracket below the board and pull up and out until the entire unit including the DC-in port comes free. Note Rotating the DC-in port clockwise may help to release it. 4. Pull the...