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Sleep light won't come on

Verify that computer is in sleep mode and not turned off. Reset the power manager by pressing the reset button above the power button. Wait five seconds and press the power button. Note: Before continuing, make sure the reset button is not caught under the plastic of the top case. Replace inverter board/sleep LED cable. Replace inverter board.

Screen goes blank and computer shuts down every few minutes

Computer is going into system sleep to conserve battery power. Adjust sleep delays in Energy Saver control panel or connect power adapter.

Verify that the appropriate power adapter is being used. Try a known-good power adapter.

Application seems to run slower after a few seconds

Computer is either in processor cycling mode or in reduced processor speed mode. If this interferes with operation of application, turn off Allow Processor Cycling in the Energy Saver control panel and quit any other applications running in the background. Note: These features extend battery life when running off battery power.

Known-good Ethernet network printer does not print

1 Verify that Chooser and Control Panel settings are correct.

2 Reinstall printer drivers.

3 Check cables.

4 Attach computer directly to printer using Ethernet crossover cable, and retest.

5 Reset PRAM. Press the power button, then hold down the Option-Command-P-R keys until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime.

6 Replace logic board.

Hard drive is slow to Adjust sleep delays in Energy Saver control panel or connect respond, or screen power adapter.

goes blank too often

FAX software is not working

The iBook comes with FAXSTF software installed. Apple does not provide support for this software. Contact STF Technology (Smith Micro) at 660-463-2021 or at [email protected].

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DIY Battery Repair

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