Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, remove the following:

  • Battery
  • Keyboard and RAM shield
  • AirPort Extreme Card
  • Memory card
  • Bottom case
  • Bottom shield
  • DC-in board
  • Top case
  • Top shield
  • Modem
  • Display module
  • LCD panel
  1. With the bezel assembly lying on a soft cloth, remove the one 3- mm long Phillips screw at the reed switch board.
  2. Pull up the reed switch cables from the channels on the left side of the bezel.
Macbook Reed Switch

Lift up the cables and peel up the tape that covers the cables running along the bottom of the inverter board.

Macbook Inch Inverter Board

4. Warning: When removing the tape that bundles the reed switch cable assembly to the AirPort Extreme Card antenna cable, be careful not to strain or pinch the cables.

Replacement Note: When installing the replacement reed switch board and cables, use new tape to bundle the cables together.

Remove the tape to free the AirPort Extreme Card antenna cable from the reed switch cable assembly

Airport Extreme Antenna
5. Disconnect the data cable from the inverter board at CN1.

6. Remove the reed switch cable assembly.

7. Install the replacement reed switch board and cable assembly, and reassemble and test the computer.

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