Ibook G4 12 Bluetooth

  1. With the computer on a soft cloth, note the routing of the thin, black microphone cable and the LVDS (low voltage data signal) cable.
  2. Disconnect the microphone cable from the logic board near the hard drive.
  3. Pull up the flexible tab to disconnect the LVDS cable from the logic board.
Lvds Signal
  1. Peel up any tape that secures the two cables.
  2. Without straining the microphone and LVDS cables, carefully pull them up from the computer assembly.
  3. Remove the 3.5-mm long screw that anchors the LVDS cable tab to the computer frame.
Ibook Airport Bluetooth Card

7. Holding the connector end of the AirPort Extreme/Bluetooth antenna cables, carefully lift them up from the corner space between the heatsink and the memory card slot.

Caution: Tugging on the cables could damage them.

8. Peel off any tape that holds the antenna cables to the frame.

Airport Slot Mac
  1. Place the computer assembly on its side.
  2. Without straining the AirPort Extreme/Bluetooth antenna cables, carefully thread them through the opening between the optical drive and frame.
Inverter Cable Ibook
  1. At the other side of the computer assembly, allow the antenna cables to hang.
  2. Peel up the tape, and disconnect the inverter cable from the underside of the logic board.

13. Warning: To prevent damage, support the display while performing this step.

Remove the screw at each display hinge.

14. Warning: When lifting the display, be careful not to strain the cables.

Remove the display from the computer chassis.

15. Install the display module, and reassemble and test the computer.

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