Main Exploded View iBook G inch

Logic Board 933 MHz 661-3105 1 GHz 661-2995 Hard Drive 30 GB 661-2983 40 GB 661-2957 60 GB 661-2958 Sleep Light Board 922-6187 Battery Transfer Board 922-6183 Bluetooth Cable 922-6188 Bluetooth Antenna 922-6256 Bluetooth Holder 922-6591 SDRAM Memory 128 MB 661-2817 256 MB 661-2818 512 MB 661-2819 Optical Drive CD-ROM 661-3400 Combo CW-8122 661-3389 Combo CW-8123 661-3392 Display Exploded View iBook G4 14-inch

Warning When lifting the LCD panel be careful not to strain the inverter cable

Apple Lcd Power Inverter Lcd

Carefully lift up the LCD panel, pivoting it where it is still connected to the inverter by the 2-pin inverter connector. 14. Disconnect the inverter cable from the inverter board at CN2 and remove the LCD panel. Note The lower corner of the LCD panel might also appear as shown 15. Install the replacement LCD panel, and reassemble and test the computer. 15. Install the replacement LCD panel, and reassemble and test the computer.

The microphone is not working

Check the signal level and level meter and adjust the gain. 2. Reset PRAM Press the power button, then hold down the Option-Command-P-R keys until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime . 3. Verify microphone cable connection to logic board, and check cable for damage. 4. Replace display assembly which includes microphone . The latching mechanism that holds the display closed is not working Note As the display closes against the top case, a...


Replacing Drive Imac Flat Panel

With the computer on a soft cloth, peel up any tape on top of the optical drive. 2. Move the Bluetooth antenna board aside. Note You do not need to remove the Bluetooth board. 3. Remove the following from the optical drive 6-mm long screw at upper right corner of drive 7.5-mm long screw with identifiable collar under screw head at lower left corner of drive 4.5-mm long screw at upper left corner of drive Replacement Note When replacing the optical drive, install the screws in the sequence...

Warning When lifting the inverter board be careful not to pinch the cables that are routed above the board

Mac Inverter Board

Use a black stick to pry up the inverter board. Replacement Note The inverter board is held to the bezel assembly with double-sided tape on each end of the board. Use new double-sided tape when installing the replacement inverter board. Replacement Note Make sure the left corner of the replacement inverter board aligns with the raised L-shaped guide in the bezel assembly. Make sure the replacement inverter board does not cover or pinch any cables.

Powerbook G4 Ram Slot

How Fix Powerbook Ram Slot

Raise the display so you can access the keyboard. 2. Make sure the keyboard locking screw, located in the small plastic tab next to the Num Lock key, is not in the locked position. The iBook comes with the keyboard unlocked, so unless you or someone else locked the keyboard, you can skip this step. To unlock the keyboard, turn the screw 1 2 turn. Release the keyboard by pulling down on the keyboard release tabs located to the left of the F1 and F12 keys , then lift the top portion of the...

Warning When installing the replacement clutch cover be careful not to strain or pinch the cables Make sure they fit

Pulling Wires Through Conduit

Note The bundled cables on your display might look somewhat different than shown. Replacement Note When installing the replacement clutch cover, hold the cables and clutch cap in place as you slide the clutch cover over them. Make sure the clutch cap on each side installing the two screws. of the clutch cover is firmly seated before

Optical Drive

The optical drive does not accept CD or DVD disc mechanical failure 2. Verify disc is properly seated in the carrier. The disc icon does not show up on the desktop, or a dialog box appears to initialize disc 1. Verify the correct type of disc is being used. 2. Try cleaning the disc. It may not mount if dirty or scratched. 5. Replace optical drive cable. This is the same cable that attaches to the hard drive. The optical drive does not eject CD or DVD disc 1. Verify disc is not in use by...

Error Beeps

The computer automatically performs a power-on self test when it is turned on after being fully shut down not a restart . This section describes what to do if beeps are heard during the startup. Note The computer has a memory expansion slot that accepts a 1.25-inch or shorter PC-100 compliant, SO-DIMM memory card. Refer to the Memory Replacement instructions for removal and installation. 1. One beep means that no RAM is detected. 2. If a RAM card is installed in the expansion slot, remove it...