Powerbook G4 Ram Slot

  1. Raise the display so you can access the keyboard.
  2. Make sure the keyboard locking screw, located in the small plastic tab next to the Num Lock key, is not in the locked position. The iBook comes with the keyboard unlocked, so unless you or someone else locked the keyboard, you can skip this step.

To unlock the keyboard, turn the screw 1/2 turn.

Release the keyboard by pulling down on the keyboard release tabs (located to the left of the F1 and F12 keys), then lift the top portion of the keyboard up slightly, and toward the display.

Wiring Diagram Apple Apple

5. Touch a metal surface on the inside of the computer to discharge any static electricity, as shown.

Important: To avoid electrostatic discharge damage, always ground yourself by touching the computer's framework before you touch any parts or install any components inside the computer. To avoid static electricity building back up in your body, do not walk around the room until you have completed the installation and closed the computer.

Powerbook Circuit Diagram

6. If the computer has the optional AirPort Extreme Card installed, unlatch the flexible wire bracket that secures the card.

Use the pull-tab on the card to remove it from the slot. (You do not need to disconnect the antenna.)

Note: To avoid scratching the computer's case, place a soft cloth between the AirPort Extreme Card and the surface of the iBook.

  1. If an AirPort Extreme Card is not installed, unlatch the flexible wire bracket to release the AirPort antenna cable.
  2. Remove the four screws that secure the RAM shield.
Router Antenna Wire Diagram

Replacement Note: Note the routing of the AirPort antenna cable. When reinstalling the RAM shield, make sure the antenna cable is routed as shown if there is no AirPort Extreme Card.

Position The Airport Extreme Ibook
  1. Lift the RAM shield out of the computer.
  2. Route the AirPort antenna cable out of the slot in the RAM shield.
  1. Locate the keyboard cable connector.
  2. Firmly grasp the cable, and carefully pull it straight up until the connector releases. Important: Pull straight up; do not twist or pull the cable sideways.

Note: If necessary, use your fingers to pry up the connector from side to side.

How Fix Powerbook Ram Slot

13. Install the replacement keyboard, RAM shield, and AirPort Extreme Card (if used).

Replacement Note: Make sure the antenna cable fits into the slot in the RAM shield, and insert the lower end of the RAM shield in the keyboard well first.

Make sure the replacement keyboard is firmly seated:

  • Flip the keyboard back toward the keyboard opening in the case.
  • Hold the keyboard at a 45-degree angle above the keyboard opening, and insert the tabs on the bottom edge of the keyboard into the slot under the edge of the opening.
  • Important: Make sure that all the tabs are seated and that the keyboard rests flush against the edge of the opening.
  • Lay the keyboard flat into the keyboard opening.
  • Pull down on the keyboard release tabs and then press down on the top portion of the keyboard.
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