Replace the Clutch

  1. Make sure the stand is erect and the end of the stand is inserted through the mounting hole in the rear housing.
  2. Position the clutch on the stand as shown, with the springs at bottom right. Install the four long, clutch-to-stand mounting screws..
  3. Adjust the clutch so that its chassis mounting holes align, and install the four machine screws that secure the clutch to the chassis.
  4. Replace the hard drive.
  5. Replace the hard drive fan.
  6. Replace the optical drive fan.
  7. Replace the logic board.
  8. Replace the CPU fan.
  9. Replace the speakers.
  10. Replace the display panel.
  11. Replace the IR Board.
  12. Replace the lower EMI shield.
  13. Replace the front bezel.
  14. Replace the memory access door.

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