Video Distortion After Waking From Sleep

Imac Screen Saver

Shimmering, Vertical Lines, Horizontal Lines The iMac Early 2006 will wake from sleep, but a slight shimmering of the image may be visible. In some cases the shimmering on the display may worsen so that the display fills with vertical lines, horizontal lines, or the image begins to shake refer to the following four images samples. Continue with the procedure to correct the issue. 1. Open the Energy Saver System Preferences and temporarily set the display to sleep after one minute. Set the...

No Video Boot Chime heard White Led On Symptom

The iMac Early 2006 will turn on, the boot chime can be heard, a white LED appears on the front bezel and sounds from the fan or drive activity can be heard, but the display has no picture or color. 1. Check if the computer is sleeping. Press the space bar to wake the computer from sleep mode. Did the computer wake from sleep Yes Put the computer to sleep from the Apple menu and wake the computer again to test. Check Energy Saver setting to see when the computer has been designated to sleep. 2....

No Video No Boot Chime White Led On Symptom

The iMac Early 2006 will turn on indicated by the front LED ON , but there is NO boot chime and No Video on the display. The faint sound of the fans, hard drive, and optical drive may also be heard. 1. Reset the SMC Formerly SMU . - Turn off the computer by choosing Shut Down from the Apple menu, or by holding the power button until the computer turns off. - Unplug all cables from the computer, including the power cord. - Plug in the power cord while simultaneously pressing and holding the...

How to identify your iMac

Identify Imac

On the bottom of your iMac stand, you'll find a label with the serial number printed on it This label also provides other information, including the computer configuration and an EMC number EMC No. . The EMC number is unique for different iMac models just make note of the EMC number on the bottom of your computer and refer to the step 1 below to identify your model. 1. The EMC number for the Intel Core Duo model is 2105 for the 20-inch and 2104 for the 17-inch. 2. From the Apple menu, choose...

Removing the Ambient Light Sensor Board

Remove the rubber bumper from between the chassis and the sensor board. Note This shows the procedure on the iMac G5 iSight model the removal procedure is the same. 2. With the rubber bumper gone, use a black stick, pry the ambient light sensor off the inside of the rear housing. The sensor is stuck to the rear housing with double-stick tape. Note never poke the ambient light or you could damage the sensor board.

Builtin iSight Camera

The built-in camera is not recognized. 1. Boot the iMac Early 2006 to the desktop and launch iChat AV. Note You do not need to be connected to a network to use iChat AV to troubleshoot. Verify that the correct versions of Mac OS X and iChat AV are installed. Reinstall or update software as needed. 2. Open the iChat AV preferences and click on the 'Video' icon. Verify whether the camera is recognized by the iChat AV software. Is the camera recognized Yes the camera is recognized and video...

Access Tool Modification

If you wish to modify the access card tool, order kit 076-1213. The kit contains an access card and a piece of EMI gasket that can be cut and added to the top of the card. The additional thickness on the card will improve the chances of making contact with each bezel latch. 1. Remove the tape on the gasket to expose the sticky side of the gasket. Attach the sticky side of the EMI gasket to the top of the access card. 2. Cut the EMI gasket to the edge of the access card. 4. Bend the card at a...

Removing the Optical Drive

Imac Remove Theoptical Drive

Looking at the circles below, starting with the top circle, do the following Peel back the silver EMI tape going from the chassis frame to the optical drive, remove the two T6 screws on the optical drive flex cable, disconnect the flexible cable and the optical drive sensor cable from the logic board. Caution Never press down on or grasp the body of the optical drive. Pressing or squeezing the body of the optical drive could damage the mechanism. 2. Locate the black release levers on the...

Replacing the DCDC Power Supply Inverter

Acdc Hard Disks

Route the inverter cable under the metal chassis frame. Check the routing of the cable so it doesn't get pinched under the chassis. 2. Install the screws on the chassis frame and the AC filter ground screw. 4. Connect the cables to the AC DC power supply and to the hard drive. Replace the two screws connecting the DC DC power supply inverter to the rear housing. 5. Replace the AC DC power supply. 12. Replace the lower EMI shield. 14. Replace the memory access door.

Replacing the Bluetooth Antenna

Press the sticky side of the antenna board to the housing until securely fastened. 2. Route the antenna cable on top of the EMI shield along the right side of the rear housing and under the foam gasket. 3. Secure the antenna cable at the top with EMI tape. 7. Connect the Bluetooth antenna to the Bluetooth board. 8. Connect the IR cable to the IR board. 9. Connect the AirPort antenna to J1 on the AirPort Extreme card. 12. Replace the lower EMI shield. 14. Replace the memory access door.

Replacing the Optical Drive

Reattach Airport Aerial Imac

Install the flex cable to the optical drive with two T6 screws. 2. Insert the optical drive bezel into the rear housing, lining up the bezel with the slot opening 1 . Be sure to align the two guide holes in the front bezel with guide posts at each end of the drive access hole. Push down on the mounting brackets 2 to lock the optical drive securely into place on the chassis. Caution Never press down on or grasp the body of the optical drive when installing it. Pressing or squeezing the body...