Removing the ACDC Power Supply

WARNING: The AC/DC power supply PCB remains powered up whenever the system is plugged in, whether or not the system has been turned on. Use extreme caution when troubleshooting the system with the front bezel removed.

  • Don't work alone. In the event of an electrical shock it is important to have another individual present who can provide assistance.
  • Keep one hand in your pocket when working on any iMac (Early 2006) system that is plugged in. This will help ensure that your body does not provide a path to ground in the event that you accidentally make contact with the line voltage.
  • Don't wear jewelry, watches, necklaces, or other metallic articles that could present a risk if they accidentally make contact with the power supply circuitry.

1. Using a torx screwdriver, remove four screws from the AC-DC board. The top left screw also connects a ground cable to the chassis; leave it attached to the chassis. Replacement Note: Install the machine screw (to bottom right corner) first when installing the power supply.

2. Lift the power supply up and locate the cable tucked under the inverter. Disconnect the cable.

3. Locate the cable that connects the AC-DC power supply to the AC line filter. The cable is tucked under the metal chassis. With your fingers or a black stick, pry the cable free from the chassis and disconnect it. Lift the power supply out of the chassis.

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