Replacing the Front Bezel

1. Make sure the black EMI shielding along the top of the LCD panel is not in the way of the locking mechanisms when you lower the front bezel onto the computer. Use a black stick to press (re-stick) the EMI shielding along the top of the panel.

2. Connect the camera and microphone cables (on the camera board) to the cables sticking out of the top of the computer.

3. Tuck the cables neatly into the channel on the rear housing.

  1. Press the memory ejector levers into the closed position.
  2. Continue to lower the font bezel down and press the top corners of the front bezel to connect the latches. Note: Check that the latches are connected by lifting the front bezel at each corner.
  3. Replace the four bezel mounting screws along the bottom of the computer.
  4. Replace the access door; tighten the two captive screws.

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