Replacing the Optical Drive

1. Install the flex cable to the optical drive with two T6 screws.

Reattach Airport Aerial Imac

2. Insert the optical drive bezel into the rear housing, lining up the bezel with the slot opening (#1) . Be sure to align the two guide holes in the front bezel with guide posts at each end of the drive access hole.

Push down on the mounting brackets (#2) to lock the optical drive securely into place on the chassis.

Caution: Never press down on or grasp the body of the optical drive when installing it. Pressing or squeezing the body of the optical drive could damage the mechanism.

Imac Optical Drive Cable

3. Connect the optical sensor cable to the logic board, attach the flex cable and secure it with the T6 screws, and reattach the silver EMI tape.

Imac Inch Fan
  1. Replace the display panel.
  2. Replace the lower EMI shield.
  3. Replace the front bezel.
  4. Replace the access door.

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