Cleaning and Handling the Glass Panel

Follow the cleaning procedures in this manual to ensure the glass panel is free of dust and other particles before returning the computer to the customer.

Note: To view the movie, make sure the manual is opened in Acrobat.


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  • The iMac (20-inch Early 2008) model has a glass panel that attaches to the outside of the front bezel.
  • The glass panel is not tempered and will break into sharp pieces if mishandled. A scratched or broken glass panel is not covered under warranty.
  • Removing the glass panel requires special tools such as lint-free gloves, rubber suction cups, microfoam storage bags, and the iKlear cleaning solution.
  • The glass panel must be removed prior to replacing any module other than the SO-DIMM's.
  • To prevent contamination, handle the glass panel only by the edges while wearing lint-free gloves.

The complete list of tools and resources can be found in the Glass Panel take apart chapter.

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    When handling the glass panel of iMac rubber?
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    Is broken glass imac covered by warranty?
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