EMI Shielding

The iMac enclosure is wrapped in EMI shielding that is easily torn and damaged. To maintain a properly shielded unit, you must repair all accidental tears and cracks to the shielding by covering them with EMI tape. Order EMI tape, part number 922-4786 (a long, thin strip) or 9225026 (short, wide strips).

Cover nicks with EMI tape. Pay particular attention to the EMI shielding inside the rear housing, shown below. The EMI shield is easily damaged when replacing modules.

Emi Shield Tape

Lower EMI Shield

EMI tape covers the top and sides of the display panel, and the lower EMI shield covers the logic board along the bottom of the unit. The EMI tape and lower EMI shield are easily damaged when removed, and removal is necessary in order to access most components within the unit.

Should the EMI tape that seals the display, or the EMI shield covering the bottom of the enclosure (see photo below) accidentally tear, use the EMI tape (922-4786 or 922-5026) to repair and completely seal the unit.

When properly repaired, all edges shown below will be wrapped by EMI tape, and the tape securely adhered to all edges. Use a "black stick" to flatten the EMI tape tightly and rub out air pockets and wrinkles.

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    Where to buy emi shielding tape for 17 inch imac?
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