Handling a Broken Glass Panel

The glass panel is not tempered and will break into sharp pieces if mishandled.

If the glass is broken it must be carefully removed from the iMac to prevent irreparable damage to the front surface of the LCD. If the front surface of the LCD is scratched by the broken glass the LCD may need to be replaced.

Do not handle broken glass unless you are wearing protective cut-resistant gloves. The lint-free gloves used to prevent contamination of the glass panel are not suitable for handling broken glass.

Use a broom and dust pan to sweep up as much of the broken glass as possible. Glass fragments may have travelled several feet from the location of the glass panel so be sure to thoroughly clean the entire area. Use a vacuum to remove the smaller fragments not picked up by the broom.

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE: The highlighted module below is an AC/DC power supply that poses a shock hazard. When the computer is under power, be aware that the power supply contains high voltages that pose a potential hazard to your personal safety. Never work on or near the power supply with the unit powered on; and as a further precaution, always make sure the unit is unplugged when working on it with the front bezel removed. A white, shock- hazard warning symbol is silk-screened in the middle of the power supply module.

Server Power Supply Symbol

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