Replacing the Logic Board

  1. See the following section on compatibility to order the replacement part by EEE code.
  2. If you removed the logic board to access another module, reinstall the board as is. However, if you are replacing the logic board with a new one, notice that a replacement logic board does not include the video card, memory, AirPort Extreme card, Bluetooth card, or IR/ALS components. Make sure these parts are transferred to the new logic board before closing up the computer.
Imac White Board
  1. Check the board for two spacers. If they are not already present, install the spacers and aluminum tape on the logic board (see steps 3-6). If they are present, go on to step 7.
  2. Peel off the backing on the spacer. Place one spacer on the logic board at the location circled below.
Repair Video Memory Logic Board Imac

5. The second spacer and the strip of aluminum tape are installed on the white screw post in the rear housing at the location circled below.

7. Attach the strip of aluminum tape to the rear housing EMI shielding and run the tape up the white screw post and over the spacer (see inset below).

  1. Install the video card on the replacement logic board.
  2. Position all the logic board cables out of the way so the logic board can be placed into the rear cover.
  3. As you lower the board into the rear housing, make sure the memory levers are lowered through the access door opening and the logic board screw holes line up with the board.
  4. At the left side of the heatsink, replace the two screws attaching the logic board support bracket to the chassis.

12. Connect the cables.

13. Replace the three machine screws first; then replace the five self-tapping screws. Note: In the following image, the letter "M" represents the machine screws.

  1. Replace the display panel.
  2. Replace the front bezel.
  3. Replace the access door.

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