Installing a Replacement Glass Panel

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  1. Stand the computer upright. Note: Fewer dust particles will settle on the LCD panel with the computer in the vertical position.
  2. Roll the sticky silicone roller over the LCD panel to remove any particles.
  1. Remove the new glass panel from the service packaging. Note: The new panels have a removable film protecting the glass on both sides.
  2. Place the glass on a clean microfoam bag with the inside of the glass facing up (the side with metal pins.) Wearing gloves, carefully remove the protective film from the inside surface of the glass.

5. Clean the INSIDE surface of the glass panel with the silicone roller. Gently roll the clean silicone roller over the inside surface of the glass. Note: If fingerprints and oils are on the inside of the glass, clean the inside first with isopropyl alcohol.

Clean Dust From Inside Lcd Panel

6. Holding the glass by the edges, carefully line up the metal pins on the inside of the glass panel with the holes at the top of the front bezel and the hole at the bottom of the bezel Gently lower the glass panel onto the bezel. The magnets on the front bezel will pull and hold the glass panel in place.

Peel the protective film from the outside surface of the glass panel. If the glass panel pulls away from the front bezel, gently hold it in place while removing the protective film.

Clean the outside of the glass panel with a clean microfiber cleaning cloth. If necessary, spray a small amount (two pumps) of iKlear polish on the outside of the glass panel. Wipe the glass until the solution completely disappears and there is no longer any residue or haze.

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  1. Once the glass has been cleaned and polished, visually inspect the glass for any remaining dust, fingerprints, or a hazy residue. If there are contaminates trapped between the LCD panel and the glass panel repeat the cleaning procedure described in this section before returning the system to the customer.
  2. Replace the memory access door.

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