Removing the Glass Panel

1. Apple strongly recommends wearing clean lint-free gloves whenever handling the glass panel. The gloves protect the glass panel from body oils, dirt, and other contaminants. Put on a pair of clean gloves with the rubberized-side of the gloves on the palm side of your hand.

Cleaning Gloves Glasses
  1. Position the computer on the rear cover, on a soft protective lint-free surface, with the stand facing you
  2. Clean off the suction cups, making sure they are free of contaminants. It may be necessary to wash the suction cups with a mild liquid soap in order to remove the residual release agents applied during manufacturing.
Suction Cups With Release

4. Gently press the suction cups in opposite corners on the glass panel, as shown. Important: Make sure the suction cups are firmly attached to the glass before lifting the glass.

5. Hold onto the suction cups and gently lift the glass panel straight up and off the bezel.
Remove Imac Glass Panel
  1. Set the glass down on the microfoam bag or clean lint-free surface and remove the suction cups. Squeeze the base of each suction cup to release them from the glass panel.
  2. Touching only the edges of the glass, slide the glass panel into the microfoam static-free bag. Set the glass aside in a location where it won't get damaged. The bag will help minimize contamination of the glass.

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Apple Technologies Explained

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