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Note: The procedures for removing a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD-RW are identical. This procedure will reference the CD-ROM Take Apart.

Before you begin, position the computer upside down, and remove the following:

  • bottom housing
  • EMI cover
  • CD/HD carrier

1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the CD/HD carrier mounting screws (two on each side).

  1. Carefully turn the CD/HD drive carrier over.
  2. Holding onto the CD-ROM from the rear, lift the CD-ROM carrier out of the CD/HD carrier.

Important: Don't press or squeeze the front of the CD-ROM. Squeezing the front could bend the metal housing, making it impossible to insert or remove a CD or DVD disc.

CD/DV D Carrier


  1. Using a jeweler's screwdriver, remove the four screws (two on each side) on the CD/ DVD carrier.
  2. Lift the CD-ROM from its carrier.



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