Flashing Question Mark

This problem refers to a flashing question mark that appears on the screen during startup.

Possible Cause

Possible Fix

Corrupted system software or software drivers.

Boot from the system CD that came with the unit. Can you see the hard drive on the desktop? Yes: The system software is most likely the problem. Reinstall system software. (You must use the system software CD that came with the unit to get the correct version of Mac OS with the appropriate iMac enablers.)

No: The hard drive or its software drivers are most likely the problem. Can you see the hard drive using Drive Setup?

Yes: Use Drive Setup to reinstall the software drivers for the hard drive. If the problem persists, use Drive Setup to reinitialize the hard drive (See Kbase/TIL article #22206 for Drive Setup information.)

Warning: You will lose all data on the hard drive when you reinitialize it. Backup the data first if possible.

No: Go to next step.

Bad cable connections, or bad hard drive.

If you don't see the hard drive using Drive Setup:

  1. Check all cable connections to and from the hard drive.
  2. Replace the HD/CD/DVD data cable.
  3. Replace the hard drive.
  4. Replace the hard drive power cable.
  5. Replace the logic board.

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