Hard Drive Problems

Hard drive problems include a hard drive that doesn't operate (it doesn't spin) or a hard drive that doesn't mount (it doesn't appear on the desktop).

Possible Cause

Possible Fix

Corrupted drivers.

Can you see the hard drive using Drive Setup? Yes: Use Drive Setup to reinstall the software drivers for the hard drive. If the problem persists, use Drive Setup to reinitialize the hard drive. (See Kbase/TIL article # 22206 for instructions.) Warning: You will lose all data on the hard drive when you reinitialize it. Backup the data first if possible.

No: Go to next step.

Bad hard drive, cables, or cable connections.

If you don't see the hard drive using Drive Setup:

  1. Check all cable connections to and from the hard drive.
  2. Replace the HD/CD/DVD data cable.
  3. Replace the hard drive.
  4. Replace the hard drive power cable.

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