Awarning: This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious injury, review CRT safety on Service Source online.

Before you begin, discharge the CRT, rest the computer on an ESD mat or other soft surface, and remove the following:

  • bottom housing
  • front outer bezel
  • top rear housing

Microphone Connector

Microphone Connector

  1. Unwrap the bendable cable wrap.
  2. Disconnect the microphone connector.

Pull the microphone from the inner bezel.

Replacing the Microphone

  1. Insert the microphone into the inner bezel with the loop facing down, toward the CRT.
  2. Push the microphone through the hole on the inner bezel (see photo on the next page).

Micro pho ne

3. Check that the microphone protrudes through the inner bezel hole.

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Ú Service Source

Troubleshooting iMac (Early 2001)

Marketing Reference: Winter 2000-2001

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