Modem Dropping Connection

This table should help you troubleshoot and fix a modem that is dropping its connection once it is established. The table is divided into different sections, each with its own symptom and cure(s). Find your symptom and then follow the instructions under the "Possible Fix" column to resolve the problem.

Possible Cause

Possible Fix

Modem Disconnects: If the user is disconnected after a few seconds/minutes of connection, refer to this section of the table.

The phone line has noise that is causing the modem' to renegotiate until it disconnects.

The phone line may be too noisy to handle the higher modem speeds. Try connecting at a slower speed or use a generic CCL file. (If you are familiar with the CCL script language, you can edit the modem script to force a connection at a lower speed.) If the problem continues, contact the phone company to report the bad phone line.

The user has call waiting on that phone line.

With call waiting active, an incoming call can interrupt the connection. Disable call waiting using AT commands placed in the init string of the dialup application. Usually the string is *70.

There is a problem with the server to which you are connecting.

Servers sometimes develop problems that disconnect users without explanation. Try calling back later or use an alternate number if one is available.

The modem is loose or bad.

Reseat the modem. If the problem persists, replace the modem.

User Disconnected After Period of Time: If the user leaves the computer for a while and the modem is disconnected, refer to this section of the table.

Timed disconnect setting is causing the modem to disconnect.

Some services or software packages have a feature that will disconnect the user after a set period of time. Either increase this time setting or disable the feature if possible. Contact the ISP or network administrator for more information.

You are Left Waiting for a Callback: If you do not receive the required callback from the server to which you are trying to connect, refer to this section of the table.

Your callback number is incorrect.

Contact the network administrator to verify the callback number you are using is correct and then try again.

You are using an incorrect modem script.

If there is an attempt to callback but the connection fails, verify you are using the correct modem script and then try again.

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