Side Panels

±Warning: This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious injury, discharge the CRT.

Before you begin, discharge the CRT, rest the computer on an ESD mat or other soft surface and remove the following:

  • bottom housing
  • front outer bezel
  • top rear housing

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  1. Undo the wire wraps in the top corners or the CRT.
  2. Lift the degauss cable out of the way to access the side panel screws. There are two screws on each side.

3. On the rear of the side panels, remove four screws. These screws connect the side panels to the divider panel (the metal chassis).

4. At the top rear of the side panels, pull each side panel off the plastic pin.

(The left and right side panels are identified when viewing the computer from the rear.)

Note: To separate the left panel from the right panel, remove the two rear bracket screws. Otherwise, lift the side panels off as a unit (next graphic) and separate the panels later.

5. Pull the panels out to the sides a bit, and then lift the side panels up and off the computer.

Carefully remove the antenna wire from each side panel.

Pull the side panel off the metal divider panel. If necessary, repeat these steps for the other side panel.

  • Antenna B-o-a.'d
  • and CablB 7

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