System Hangs

Refer to this table if your system intermittently hangs (freezes) during normal operation. Note: if your system only hangs when using a specific application, the problem is most likely with the application and not with your iMac hardware or system software. If this table does not solve the problem, refer to the "Software Troubleshooting" manual on Service Source (under the Troubleshooting tab) for more comprehensive information.

Possible Cause

Possible Fix

System Extensions causing a conflict.

Boot with Extensions off by holding down the Shift key during startup. (See Kbase/TIL article #14343 for more information on possible Extension conflicts.) Does the system startup successfully with Extension off?

Yes: Begin adding back the system Extensions one at a time and starting up the system after each addition. If the system freezes again, you know that the last Extension you added is causing the problem. No: Go to the next step.

Corrupted system software.

Boot from the system CD that came with the unit. Does the problem recur? Yes: Go to next step.

No: The system software is most likely the problem. Reinstall system software. (You must use the system software CD that came with the unit to get the correct version of Mac OS.)

Bad USB device.

Turn off the computer and disconnect all USB devices. Next, power on the system using the power button on the front of the unit, and begin adding back the USB device one at time, beginning with the keyboard and then the mouse, and so on. If the system hangs only after you reconnect a particular USB device, replace that USB device.

Bad memory.

Run MacTest Pro in loop mode overnight to test for bad memory. If MacTest Pro finds a bad memory module, or other hardware, replace the hardware in question with a known-good module.

Bad logic board.

Replace the logic board.

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