Testing the Modem

The iMac ships with AppleWorks software, which can be used to test the iMac modem connection. You should run this test if the modem is not able to dial out. To perform this test:

  1. Locate and launch AppleWorks.
  2. From the AppleWorks New Document window, select Communications and click OK. You will be presented with an untitled communications document.
  3. Click on the settings menu item and select Connection from the menu, which will bring up a new window. This window allows you to select the communications toolbox device to access the modem.
  4. Click and hold the menu next to Method and select the Serial Tool from the options presented.
  5. Click on the Internal Modem setting under the Current Port setting. After selecting the port, click the OK button. (You can ignore the rest of the settings.)
  6. Open the serial port by selecting Open Connection from the Session menu.
  7. Type "AT" into the Communications document. The modem should respond with an OK message.

This procedure verifies that the program is connecting with the modem and that the modem is responding.

A good test to see if the phone line is working is to type "ATDT", which will open the phone line. If the modem reports NO DIAL-TONE, there isn't a valid analog line connected. If the phone line works, you will hear a dial tone until you press the Return key, at which time the modem will report NO CARRIER. A No Carrier message means the phone line was successfully opened.

Other things that can be done here are:

  • Call another modem to verify connections.
  • Call a working phone number to see if you can successful connect to an outside line.
  • Use the ATI1-17 commands to check firmware versions and modem features.
  • Use ATZ to reset the modem back to its original configuration.

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