Top Rear Housing

^Warning: This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To prevent serious injury, review CRT safety. From the Service Source Online home page, click Troubleshoot and Repair. Then click on Safety under the Tools list.

Before you begin, rest the computer on an ESD mat and remove the following:

  • bottom housing
  • front outer bezel

Inner Bezel

1. Remove the two tabs (screw caps) on the top inner bezel. Refer to the next page for a close-up of the tab removal.

Pry the tabs off, and remove the two screws under each tab.

  1. Position the computer face down.
  2. Remove four screws and loosen the fixed screw (at the top) on the rear housing.

Position the computer right side up. Push down and pull out on the rear housing to unhook the rear housing tabs that connect to the inner bezel.

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