USB Printer Problems

This troubleshooting table deals with an iMac that cannot print to an attached, known-good USB printer.

Possible Cause

Possible Fix

Printer is not compatible with the iMac USB bus.

Verify with the manufacturer of the printer that it is iMac compatible.

Chooser is set incorrectly.

Open the Chooser and verify that you have the correct printer and printer driver selected.

Bad printer driver or hardware problem.

Use Apple System Profiler to see if it recognizes that a USB printer is connected. Yes: Reinstall the printer driver. No: The printer or its cable is malfunctioning. Replace the cable or printer.

Bad external USB port.

If the printer is connected to a third-party hub, switch it to one of the iMac ports in the I/O panel. Does the printer work now? Yes: You have a bad third-party hub. Replace the device that contains the problem USB port or refer to the third-party documentation for troubleshooting procedures. No: Go to next step.

Bad USB port on the iMac.

If the printer is already connected to a USB port on the iMac, switch it to the other USB port. Does the printer work now? Yes: Replace the logic board. No: Go to next step.

System software is corrupted.

Perform a clean install of the system software using the Mac OS CD that shipped with the iMac. (You must use the system software CD that came with the iMac in order to get the correct version of Mac OS 8.1 with the appropriate iMac enablers.)

Bad cable.

Replace the printer interface cable.

Bad logic board.

Replace the logic board.

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