Apple Hardware Test

Apple Hardware Test is a diagnostic tool for detecting problems with Apple internal hardware components such as logic board, memory, modem, video RAM, and Apple AirPort Card. The test does not check externally connected hardware components such as USB or FireWire devices; it also does not check nonApple devices such as third-party PCI cards.

Note: The most recent Apple Hardware Test software can be downloaded from the CD Images page on AppleCare Service Source; go to the Service Source home page and select 'Disc Images' from the quick-click table.

Error Codes

If Apple Hardware Test detects a problem with a computer, it displays an error code, which is defined in the product's Error Code List. Consult the list for appropriate repair procedures associated with the code.

All Error Code Lists are included in the Service Diagnostics Matrix, Knowledge Base article 112125. You can also access this matrix by clicking the Service Diagnostics rollover link under any of the product areas on the Service Source home page.

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