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Warning: Whenever the logic board is removed, you must install new thermal pads to three surfaces (shown above). Failure to apply these pads could cause the computer to overheat and possibly damage the internal components. Note: An exception would be if you are simply testing the logic board and only detach it for a few minutes.

1. Remove the old thermal pads (shown below) from the bottom housing. Note: If you don't see all three thermal pads on the bottom housing, check the bottom side of the logic board. The thermal pads may stick to the logic board. Either way, remove the old thermal pads.

  1. Using the thermal pad kit, remove the clear protective backing from the new thermal pads.
  2. Place the new thermal pads on the bottom housing. Press down on the blue protective backing to make sure the thermal pad has even contact with the bottom housing. There should be no air pockets.
  3. Remove the blue protective backing from the new thermal pad. Note: Avoid unnecessary contact with either side of the thermal pad as dirt and body oils reduce the thermal pad's conductivity.
  4. Holding the logic board by the battery retainer and the internal drive cable connector, slide the logic board back into the bottom housing (make sure the I/O port covers are on the logic board). Important: Do not push on the heatsink for leverage, as you could knock it off the chip.

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