1. Rotate the base unit so the optical drive door is facing up (as shown below).
  2. Remove two screws on the EMI shield. Carefully lift the shield and peel the copper tape off the drive.
  1. Note: The copper tape is stuck to the EMI shield and the optical drive. Carefully peel the copper tape off the drive to remove the EMI shield.
  2. Remove four screws attaching the drive carrier to the metal chassis (also known as the Faraday cage).

the Faraday cage).

5. Remove the Airport antenna and the video cable from the plastic clip on the side of the hard drive.

Grasp the carrier on both sides. Lift and pull the carrier in the direction of the arrow. Once the carrier is out, flip the carrier to the right to disconnect the power cables. Note: The carrier fits snugly into the chassis.

  1. Disconnect the data cables.
  2. Peel the white wrapper up to access the screws connecting the hard drive to the carrier.
  3. Peel the white wrapper up to access the screws connecting the hard drive to the carrier.
  1. Remove the hard drive from the carrier.
  2. Remove four screws (shown by circles) to remove the optical drive from the carrier.
Warning: Whenever the bottom housing is opened for service, you must do two things:
  1. You must clean the original thermal film from the surfaces joining the thermal interface layer and reapply thermal paste to the thermal pipe.
  2. You must tighten the four torx screws on the bottom housing to a minimum of 17 in.-lbs. If you do not have a torque driver, you will have to make sure these screws are tightened by hand FIRMLY, BUT NOT FORCIBLY. Or, purchase the service tool (076-0899) in order to ensure the thermal pipe is firmly mated with the top base. If the bottom housing is not securely attached to the base in this fashion, the CPU may overheat and become damaged. Failure to follow either of these steps could cause the computer to overheat and damage internal components.

Refer to the topic, "Thermal Paste Application" for detailed information.

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