Whats New and Different

  1. The iMac (Flat Panel) with serial number xx305xxxxxx or later (released in February 2003) will start up only in Mac OS X. This model can run Classic, but it will not start up in Mac OS 9. You can also identify iMac (Flat Panel) units that only boot to Mac OS X by the Boot ROM information in the Apple System Profiler. Under System Profile > Hardware Overview > Boot ROM info should read 4.5.0f4 or later for iMac (Flat Panel) machines which only boot to Mac OS X.
  2. Bluetooth is available via the external USB Bluetooth adapter (sold separately).
  3. The new service parts for the 15" 800 MHz model are:
  • 661-2841 Board, Logic, 800 MHz, Ver. 2
  • 661-2803 Hard Drive, 3.5", 60GB
  • 661-2806 Drive, DVD-ROM/CD-RW (Combo), 32X

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