Loud buzzing ticking or whining noise

The computer may make a loud buzzing, ticking, or whining noise when it's on. The sound may vary depending upon screen brightness or processor load.

  1. Determine that this noise is related to the computer by removing and shutting down all other devices in the vicinity of the computer that could be causing a sound.
  2. Determine if this is a power supply noise. With the iMac G5 on and running, adjust the screen brightness by pressing the F14 and F15 keys on the keyboard. Does the noise change in loudness when adjusting the brightness?

Yes: The volume changes when the brightness changes, the noise may be related to the power supply. Replace the power supply.

No: If the volume does not change when the brightness changes, the noise is not a power supply issue. Go on to step 3.

  1. Quit all applications and test the computer again.
  2. Check the volume settings under Sound in System Preferences.
  3. Reboot the computer and check the computer again.
  4. If the noise still doesn't go away, contact Apple Technical Support.

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