Removing the Battery

  1. To access the battery other service modules have to be removed. This procedure will show you how to remove and replace each module. As you remove each module, set it aside, along with the screws for that module.
  2. Important: Ground yourself. Touch the metal surface (as shown below) on the inside of the computer to discharge any static electricity.

Warning: Always discharge static electricity before you touch any parts or install any components inside the computer. To avoid generating static electricity, do not walk around the room until you have finished installing the part and closed the computer.

3. Locate the AirPort Extreme card. The battery is located below the AirPort Extreme card. Note: If an AirPort Extreme card is not installed, go on to step 7.

5. Pull the tab on the card to remove the card from the AirPort card guide.

7. WIth a pencil or other plastic tool, push the battery in the direction of the arrow to free the battery from the metal clip.

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