Replacing the Midplane Assembly

1. Remove the replacement midplane from its packaging.

3. Make sure that the black video cable is tucked into the groove on the bezel as shown. A cutout on the midplane chassis lines up with the groove on the display/bezel assembly housing

4. Lower the midplane into the display/bezel assembly housing. Use the tab to lower and adjust the midplane into the housing. As you lower the midplane, pull the inverter cable through the opening in the chassis.

5. Locate the hard drive. Before lowering the hard drive into place, connect the drive data cable and the power cable to the hard drive.

6. Connect the black cable (hard drive thermal sensor) to the white connector on end of the hard drive.

Thermal Hdd Sensors

4. Replace the three hard drive screws.

5. Reconnect the video cable and replace the two video cable screws. Tuck the video cable into the area next to the fans.

6. Press the top end of the video cable into the notch on the midplane chassis.

4. Replace the fan cover and the two fan cover screws. The larger screw attaches on the left. Note: Make sure the pull tab is sticking up as shown.

5. Replace the memory module(s) by lining up the notch on the module with the notch on the slot.

6. Press firmly on the memory module until it clicks into place. Use your thumb and index finger to push the module into the slot

Place Apple Airport Extreme Card

7. Replace the AirPort Extreme card. Remove the AirPort antenna cable (by pulling the tab) from the opening on the AirPort Extreme guide rails.

9. Lower the power supply into the midplane.

10. Connect the black power supply connector and tighten the three captive screws, turning them to the right.

4. Replace the six case screws. (The shorter screws attach along the top.)

6. Connect the white connector on the inverter board to the main board. Route this cable around the silver post (as shown). Caution: Be careful not to bend the pins or prick your fingers on the pins located next to the white connector.

your fingers on the pins located next to the white connector.

7. As you lower the inverter into place, connect the black connector to the pins on the board. Use the tall silver pins as a guide to align the inverter. Important: Make sure the connector mates with the pins. Double check that it's connected.

Imac Firewire Pins
4. Replace the inverter screw.

5. Reconnect the inverter-to-display panel cable. Important: The connector is keyed (it fits together only one way).

6. Secure the connector under the metal tab.

7. Locate the optical drive that you set aside. Holding the optical drive by the back end (near the tab), insert the drive at an angle to mate the two white pins and the plastic rectangle with the two holes and notch on the optical drive.

8. With your thumb on the tab and your index finger behind the tab, push the drive forward and down. The optical drive should click into its connector. Note: If the optical drive won't click into place, check that the fan cables are not obstructing the optical drive connector.

Replace the three optical drive screws.

5. Turn the middle case screw to the left about five revolutions. This step prepares the back cover to be installed and secured.

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