Display is tinted another color

  1. Reset the parameter RAM. Press Command-Option-P-R keys. When you keep all the keys held down, you will hear the startup chime over and over again (about every ten seconds) until you let go. After you hear the second chime, you can let go of the keys.
  2. Does the computer display video after successfully resetting the computer's PRAM?

Yes: Problem resolved. Restart the computer from the Apple menu and make sure the computer is starting up properly.

No: Continue to the next step.

3. Check for external video. Connect an external monitor to the mini-VGA port. Do you have external video now?

Yes: Replace the LCD panel and then go on to step 4. No: Replace the logic board.

4. After replacing the LCD panel? Do you have video now? Yes: Problem solved.

No: Replace the logic board.

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