Replace the Hard Drive

  1. Install two mounting pins in the bottom side of the hard drive mounting bracket.
  2. Install the mounting bracket to the top of the hard drive with two screws.
  3. Install the temperature senor on the hard drive. Use the double-stick tape enclosed with the replacement hard drive to attach the sensor.
  4. Connect the hard drive power and data cables.
  5. Insert the hard drive mounting pins and position the drive on the chassis. Make sure the hard drive power and data cables are routed around the drive and beneath the hard drive mounting bracket. Press down on the mounting bracket to lock it in place on the chassis.
  6. Connect the sensor cable to the temperature sensor on top of the hard drive.
  7. Replace the display panel.
  8. Replace the lower EMI shield.
  9. Replace the front bezel.
  10. Replace the access door.

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