Warning Always discharge static electricity before you touch any parts or install any components inside the computer To avoid generating static electricity do not walk around the room until you have finished installing the

3. Locate the optical drive in the top left corner.

4. Using the tool provided, or a Phillips #1 screwdriver, remove the four optical drive screws circled below. Set the screws aside.

Pull the optical drive tab straight up and then to the right.

Set the optical drive aside.

Pull the optical drive tab straight up and then to the right.

Set the optical drive aside.

Optical Drive Parts
7. Remove the three hard drive screws.
Parts Inside Hard Drive

8. Lift the hard drive straight up, about one inch, to access a connector. Disconnect the black cable from the white connector on the side of the hard drive. Note: Do not disconnect the other end of the cable.

9. Disconnect the hard drive power and data cables. Lift the hard drive up and out of the midplane assembly. Set the hard drive aside.

10. Locate the memory module(s) in the bottom right corner. You must remove the memory to gain access to the next module.

  1. Rotate the computer counterclockwise so the memory is in the position shown below.
  2. To release the memory from its slot, push down on the two side latches (circled below). Then pull the memory module out of the slot. Repeat this step if you have a second memory module.

13. Locate the gray plastic module on the right side of the computer. This is the inverter. You must remove the inverter to remove the midplane.

  1. Rotate the computer clockwise so you see the inverter cables as shown below. Tilt the inverter to access the two white cable connectors.
  2. Disconnect the cables by pulling on the connector, not on the cables. Disconnect the smaller connector first.

17. Lift the inverter out of the computer. Disconnect the black connector (circled below) located under the gray fan duct. Gently pull the black cable to disconnect the connector. Shift the hard drive to the right if you need more room to access the cable.

18. Locate the small, gray inverter cable cover in the top right corner.

20. Disconnect the two white connectors underneath the cover. Pull on the connectors, not on the cables. Free the cables from the clips inside the cover. Set the inverter and cable cover aside.

22. Disconnect the antenna cable from the end of the installed AirPort Extreme card.
Mac Pro Airport Antenna Position

26. Remove the screw on the right and loosen the other two screws by turning them completely counterclockwise. Note: The middle screw and the screw on the left are captive; they will not come out.

27. Disconnect the power supply cable by pressing the connector release tab and using a wide, flat blade screwdriver to pry apart the connector.

28. To unlatch the power supply, tighten the middle case screw by turning it clockwise five to eight revolutions.

29. Lift up the power supply at the sides approximately five mm or until it touches the middle case screw.

30. Tilt up the power supply until it clears the edge of the main circuit board. Lift it out of the computer and set it aside.

Schematic Board Fan Imac

32. Locate the black video cable running alongside the fan.

Esophageal Manometry

33. To disconnect the cable from the board, remove the two screws at the end of the cable and pull up the black tab.

34. Release the cable from the metal cable clips (circled below)
Touche Raccourci Apple Powerbook

36. Locate the pull tab. Pull the tab up to release the midplane assembly from the display/ bezel assembly.

37. Push the inverter cables down through the openings on the midplane assembly. Lift the midplane assembly up and set it aside. Important: Return this midplane to Apple in the packaging provided

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